Thursday, November 3, 2011

This Is My Family

My family is the most important thing to me, and my life. I love them so much, they are the only people ever here for me, I have pictures of some but not all so I will edit this in the future once I have pictures of mor eof my family members, including, my Grandma P. my Aunt Brandy, their animals, my Aunt Marina and all of her kids and dog, Ruger! and My Grammy Carol and her dog, Josie.

This is my mom, Dawn. I love her more tan anything. She has been there for me since the day I was born and she will be here for me till' the day I die. She is an amazing mom and she puts up with a lot! Love you mom! <3

Kylee! My sister, she is a handful but I do like her even though it doesn't seem like it! She's a little diva! <3

My brother, Coby. He is a kool little dude, we get a long really well! I love him! <3

This is my Foster sister, Hailey, although I look at her like she is my sister. She's been through a lot and I have been there for her since before she was born, I love her with all my heart and I will forever! <3

This is my mom's boyfriend, Genick and his son, Little Genick. These two are great people! They are really funny and I look at Genick as my own father and Little Genick as my brother, of course! I love these two like they've been in my family forever! <3

Snowball! Our beautifull white fluff ball! She was so cute when she was a kitten, but once we got her fixed she became stuck up and lazy but we still love her! <3

The newest family member! It's Bella Rose! Our little chihuahua, rat terrior! She is so spoiled, she's like a little diva! Haha, We all love her to death though!! <3


  1. Very cool blog, Jessee! I love the pictures and am glad to see you doing this. Very cool. Thumbs up!!!!!!!

  2. Love the pictures of the family and of the pets. Keep it up! Keep posting!